New School Year!

We’re all enjoying the last weeks of summer, while gearing up for a new school year at the same time!  Our teachers will soon be busy cleaning, labeling and preparing for a whole new group of kids.  It’s such an exciting time of year!

We will have many new families joining us this year.  If you’re wondering what to expect, or what you will need to be prepared, here are some tips!

Make sure your child has a complete change of clothes and a set of bedding clearly marked with his/her name. (For children 18 months and up, you should have received a cot sheet from the office – these are the only sheets used in our toddler and preschool classrooms.)  A small pillow may be provided for children ages 3 and up. For those in diapers, each child should bring a package of disposable diapers.

When you get to school your child will have a cubby outside their room, labeled with their name.  You can leave their bedding and extra clothes there.  For a successful first day, maintain an upbeat, positive attitude and instill excitement in your child. They are going to have so much fun at school! Sometimes hanging around for too long makes the goodbye more difficult for your child. Take cues from your child and your child’s teacher.

When you return to pick up your child, you will receive a take-home daily report with details about their day!  It gives general information regarding sleeping, eating and toileting (based on age), as well as a section where the teacher will give you some specifics about what your child did that day.  If you just can’t wait till pick-up time, you can also call during the day to check on your child!

If you have any questions or concerns, your child’s teachers are there for you!  If drop-off and pick-up times are too hectic for a detailed conversation with your child’s teacher, you can always schedule a time for a phone call, or to meet with them.  Our office staff is always more than happy to assist you with anything as well.

Here’s to another great year at Pineview!